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Saints Sink the Scum
Saints bounced back at Hoddle, Gorman and Richards in the ultimate fashion on boxing day when they beat Spurs 1-0 in a slightly dismal show by both sides. It was a game of two halves, that both teams could have won. The first half was dominated by the travellers, so much so that the Saints players had trouble even getting near the ball. However, they emerged from the tunnel in the second half a different side, the motivation of Strachan seeping through every move they made. It only took minutes before the were creating chances. Pahars broke through with what seemed to be an unmissble opportunity, only to be saved by Sullivan. Soon after a lofted ball landed on Beatties head for umpteenth time in the match, only for the burly forward to find Sullivan in no mans land. The ball floated over the stranded keeper and into the back of the net. Saints looked confident and started passing in the fashion that they did in the trouncing of Leicester. The rest was irrelevant, they marched on to victory to the delight of the home fans. the away fans were silent throughout, Richards got booed everytime he touched the ball and Hoddle didn’t escape the taunting.

Saints ties up Fernandez deal
Southampton are on the verge of completing the £1.7m signing of French under 21 international Fabrice Fernandez. The former Fulham midfielder has spent a spell on loan at Merseille recently and his home club Rennes are keen to cash in on him.

New finance support showing up1
At least on finance site there is hope, as it turned out that the site that represents some of the top UK casinos i ready to sign up a 3 years sponsorship contract with the team. So cross fingers there lads!

Rupert in favour of the terraces
Rupert Lowe has expressed his support for bringing back some level of terracing to Premiership grounds. It has come after conflict between Saints fans in the Northam Stand and Stewards in the same area. A block of fans in the stand next to the away section are insistent on standing throughout the whole match. This has caused conflict with Stewards who try to make them sit down by threatening removal from the stadium. The fans refused to back down and so a stalemate was met. It was then agreed to let the fans stand if they wish to do so. Lowe has expressed that moderated sections of terracing brought back to the game would benefit the atmosphere of the crowd at games.